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Kate Holmes brings years of experience with families and children to every case she handles. She is a skilled attorney, successful mediator and passionate volunteer child representative with experience in domestic relations and estate planning. She is recognized for her negotiation skills and courtroom advocacy.

Kate has worked exclusively in domestic relations since graduating from the John Marshall Law School. She has served as an extern to the Chief Judge of Domestic Relations, Hon. Grace Dickler in Cook County, as well as assisting two other domestic relations judges in 2012-2013. Prior, she earned her place as an extern to seven domestic relations judges in Will County in 2011. Her courtroom experience includes four years of family law in private practice, and prior to that, representing clients and children with Chicago Volunteer Legal Services as an attorney and child representative. With her 711 license, she practiced public interest and was awarded an esteemed PILI Internship, as well as internships enabling her to represent clients in court with Cabrini Green Legal Aid and Chicago's Domestic Violence Legal Clinic. Her negotiation skills were recognized at John Marshall, where she received recognition as the top negotiator during their summer competition.  Before committing to family law, Kate was a public educator in Kindergarten and private professional in early childhood, working with children ages three to six. She is a proud graduate of the University of Iowa and also the John Marshall Law School, where she returned to teach as an adjunct professor in 2016.

Her professional memberships and engagements include:  Illinois State Bar Association, Chicago Bar Association, American Bar Association, Mentorship Circles with Alliance for Women, and Family Law Divisions of each.  Kate serves on the Board of Directors for Life Span, which provides direct client services for those affect by domestic violence. She has been selected as a participant for Illinois Coalition Against Domestic Violence's exclusive year-long Leadership Academy Cohort. She is a member of Women Belong - Lincoln Park. Passionately involved in anti-domestic violence movement, Kate supports  early prevention efforts, education, and partner abuse interventions / efforts to rehabilitate those caught in the cycle of abuse.


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5. Creative solutions. Wherever possible, we want your contribution to resolving your own case. This means your input and collaboration between us all. Creating  creative solutions are commonplace. We can help open your mind to options and alternatives that you may not have known were available.