What does child support cover?

Many parents- both those receiving and those paying child support – ask me about restrictions on the use of said child support. In general, it can be paid for a large variety of purposes. Here are some items that child support can be used to pay:

- Rent or mortgage, and insurance for same

- Utilities / household bills

- Groceries, toiletries

- Transportation expenses

- Clothing for the child

- Education tuition, fees, books and supplies

- Child care, sports, extracurriculars

- Toys

Parents are not required to keep track of where or how they spend the child support. While you may have a valid concern as to how the money is spent, it is generally up to the parent receiving support on how to use it to best support the child. I recommend parents do not use the child support for their own personal needs or unnecessary expenses, as the courts typically do not appreciate this.

If you have questions about child support, reach out to the attorneys at our office to speak more: (312) 451-9358