Why pick us?

Here's what we think matters

1. We actually care. It's that simple. Our team of attorneys and mediators are invested in the outcome of your case, and the future of your family.

2. Responsiveness. Our firm responds to emails and calls within 24 hours wherever possible, with a strong preference to same-day responses. Expect regular updates to your case, including what you can do to foster the optimal outcome.

3. Transparency. When we know, you know. When something happens in your case, you don't have to find out about it second-hand or weeks later. We keep you in the loop with everything from case management to billing. And expect your own homework along the way. Transparency is two-fold.

4. Power through information.  You have options, and we take very seriously the responsibility to inform you of these options. Our background and experience means that you can learn about the choices available and make educated, informed decisions.

5. Creative solutions. Wherever possible, we want your contribution to resolving your own case. This means that creative solutions are commonplace. We can help open your mind to options and alternatives that you may not have known were available.