Divorcing Dads and "Father's Rights"

Back in the day (and likely, still today in many counties across the state and nation), fathers tended to get a raw deal when it comes to "custody" aka decision making and parenting time. Do courts still presume that the mother is the primary caretaker? Does the judge automatically allocate Mom as the custodial parent? Clients who are fathers understandably have questions when it comes to "custody" and "visitation" of minor children. This can be during a divorce or in a parentage situation where the parties were never married. Rest a bit easier: we're tackling it all.

This month, we'll tackle these and other common "father's rights" (which are really just parent's rights) concerns:

  • Do unmarried fathers have rights?

  • What rights does a dad have?

  • What if she won't let me see my child?

  • Do I have to pay child support if she won't let me see my child?

  • What do courts look at for "custody"?

  • How do I get more time with my child?

  • How can I get custody of my child?


Our office walks clients through "father's rights" (which are really just parent's rights) step by step. Reach out to the qualified attorneys by message or phone: (312) 451-9358 to schedule a consultation.





This post was originally drafted by Katherine Holmes | Gipe Holmes PC
On June 7, 2018
Updates will follow.